Teaching Philosophy

TeacherNew tools enable artists in this generation to have different approaches in art expression. Students in this field need to develop highly specialized skill sets both in art and technology disciplines while implementing critical thinking in order to push the boundary in the frontier of the emerging technology.

My role as an educator is to provide a solid foundation for students in computer graphics.  Students learn fundamental principles by following step by step structured lesson plans.  The course materials are designed to help students gain factual knowledge in theory and terminology.  This process is similar to a musician practicing scales prior to playing a fully composed song.  The acquired skill set serves as a building block and enables students to express artistic vision freely.   To accommodate a variety of learning styles in the student body, I deliver learning-centered instruction by providing hands-on demos, reading materials, practical exercise, and following with one-on-one attention in studio time.

I collaborate closely with my colleagues in the academic department to revise rubrics in the curriculum grid in order to facilitate meaningful learning.  In a classroom setting I often provide guidance and direction to help students discover their strengths.  I have high expectation and give honest and constructive criticism based on industry standards.  I value the importance of research and development in the design field, and demand students to acquire references prior to any production.  There are many ways to problem solve a task.  In class I often demonstrate and analyze why a certain approach is more efficient then another.  I try to contribute to a culture of learning by having students help each other and encourage collaboration and team work.  I assist the library in gathering a bank of learning resources to provide the students with the most current techniques from professionals in the field.  I maintain contacts with graduates through professional networks like Linkedin.  I often invite successful alumni back as guest speakers to share their success stories, and it has proven to be a very motivating experience for current students.

I often say, it doesn’t matter how good the tool is, what is more important is the person behind the tool.  I hope students embrace the creative freedom behind the technical mastery instead of turning to a technical operator.   I am committed to providing quality education and aim to create a positive learning environment forstudent1 students.  I encourage students to believe in themselves and continue learning even after graduation.  I believe education provides the opportunity to change a person’s life.  I hope through my teaching I somehow make an impact in someone’s life in a profound and meaningful way.