Ya Lu Lin

Professional Experiences

2014 – Now         University Lecturer, Governors State University

2012 – 2013       Adjunct Professor, Governors State University

2011- 2012         Associate Professor in Media Arts and Animation, Illinois Institute of Art at Chicago

2006 – 2010        Assistant Professor in Media Arts and Animation, Illinois Institute of Art at Chicago

2003 – 2006        Full-Time Instructor in Media Arts and Animation, Illinois Institute of Art at Chicago

Fall 2003               Part-time Instructor, The School of the Art Institute at Chicago

Spring 2003         Teaching Associate, University of Illinois at Chicago

2001 – 2003         3D Modeling and Animation Instructor, Gallery 37 Center for the Arts, Chicago

1999–2002          Research Assistant, Electronic Visualization Laboratory, University of Illinois Institute at Chicago

1998–1999          Research Assistant, Biomedical Visualization Laboratory, University of Illinois Institute at Chicago


1998 – 2002         M.F.A. in Electronic Visualization, University of Illinois Institute at Chicago

1994 – 1998          B.F.A. in Photo/Film/Electronic Media, University of Illinois Institute at Chicago

2008 – 2009          Figure Studies, School of Representational Art (Atelier), Chicago

2008 – 2009           Anatomy workshop and Sculpture Studies, Vitruvian Fine Art Studio

Summary of Qualifications

Curriculum design and proposal writing for new media studies in University level.

Experienced in teaching college students and conducting advanced professional tutorials in 3D visualization tools and techniques.

Able to create immersive 3D environments using a variety of commercial modeling tools, platforms and scripting languages.

Possesses advanced animation and modeling skills for both pre-rendered animation and real time simulations; specializes in low polygon counts modeling.

Developing VR content as part of a long-term research program in the first elementary school in the nation to house a semi-permanent VR installation. This work aims to apply VR as a new pedagogical model and augment conventional teaching materials.

Computer Skills

Software                          Unity, ZBrush, Maya, Alias Studio, Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, After Effect, Avid

Operating System       Unix, Windows, Linux, Mac OS

Programming              Open GL, C, Ygdrasil Script


Showcased in e-Art: art, society and democracy in the networking age, book of Franz Fischnaller, Publisher by Editori Riuniti, Rome, Italy. Publication Date, November 2006.

Johnson, A., Moher, T., Cho, Y., Lin, Y., Haas, D., Kim, J., “Augmenting Elementary School Education with VR,” IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, Vol 22, No 2, March/April 2002, pp. 6-9.

Profiled as a new media artist in Yahoo! Internet Life Magazine, “Choose Your own Reality.”

Moher, T., Johnson, A., Cho, Y., Lin, Y. First-Person Science Inquiry ‘in the Field’, IPT/EGVE 2001, Stuttgart, Germany, pp. 131-140

Johnson, A., Moher, T., Leigh, J., Lin, Y., “QuickWorlds: Teacher Driven VR Worlds in an Elementary School Curriculum,” SIGGRAPH 2000 Educators Program, July 23-28, 2000, New Orleans, LA, Conference Abstracts and Applications, pp. 60-63.

Moher, T., Johnson, A., Cho, Y., Lin, Y. “Observation-based Inquiry in a Virtual Ambient EnvironmentProceedings of the Fourth International Conference of the Learning Sciences, Ann Arbor, MI, 06/14/2000 – 06/17/2000.

 Awards and Recognition

2013        Received over 200 endorsements through Linkedin on the topics of Maya, Computer Animation and teaching

2010        Nominated for Excellence in Teaching–Outstanding Faculty Award, Illinois Institute of Art at Chicago

2007        Faculty Member of the Month, Illinois Institute of Art at Chicago

1998         School Faculty Prize for Photography/Film/Electronic Visualization, University of Illinois at Chicago

1994–2002      College of Art & Design Dean’s List, University of Illinois at Chicago

Curriculum Design

2013        Curriculum design “Game Design Minor” for Computer Science Division, College of Arts and Science, Governors State University

2012        Curriculum design “3D Animation Minor” for Art Division, College of Arts and Science, Governors State University


Illinois Institute of Art at Chicago

Portfolio Review Panel                      2004 -2012

Library Committee                             2008 – 2011

Technology Committee                     2007

Assessment Coordinator                   2006

Library Committee                             2005

Student Successes Committee          2004

Institutional Community Services

Provided skills lab for special need students in the learning center.

Collaborated with Library to create a DVD collection for MAA/GAD major at the Learning Center in the loop campus.

Displayed student’s projects on walls quarterly.

Attended Portfolio show for students quarterly.

Attended annual Graduation ceremonies.

Worked with Schaumburg campus to align with the new Grid for MAA/GAD.

Provided references and recommendation letters for students.

Helped with Assessment process for Higher Learning Commission Accreditation and performed 3rd, 6th, 9th and 12th quarter reviews.

Attended Alumni Event hosted by the Career Service.

Computer Graphic Community

Attended the AAUGA (Chicago Autodesk Animation User’s Group Association) Mental Ray workshop at Moraine Valley Community College held on 5/20/2010.

Served as a panelist at the IGDA (international game developers association) Game Conference at ILIC in 2004.

Held a class field trip to “Seize the Opportunity event – What’s new in M&E 2011” at the Gene Siskel film center.

Helped promote and attended the CGSociety Chicago Chapter year end presentation at the Illinois Institute of Art Chicago in 2009.

Attended 3December held at the DePaul CDM Building in Chicago 2008.

Member of AREA Forum (Autodesk Community), Forum (Concept Artist community), CGSociety Forum (digital artist community), ZBrushCentral Forum (digital sculpture community).

Workshops Attendee 

January 16, 2010         CG CON North American Road Show, The educational Creative Computer Graphics Conference, Chicago,IL

Mar 28 – 31, 2009      Reverie International Art symposium, ConceptArt.Org and Massive Black, Dallas TX

Dec 12 – 26, 2008       Gnomon Master Class on the topics of digital art, Gnomon Workshop: Live, Online Rebroadcast Event

Conferences Attendee:

  • SIGGRAPH 1998 (Orlando)
  • SIGGRAPH 2000 (New Orleans)
  • SIGGRAPH 2001 (Los Angles)
  • SIGGRAPH 2005 (Los Angles)