Art Statement


My earlier work “idllusion” is an autobiographical piece for the CAVE Virtual Reality System. “idllussion” is an interactive VR journey presented in four phases.  I entwined fairy tale imagery with childhood memories from my native country Taiwan to construct deeply personal metaphorical landscapes.  This idea of exploring my subconscious came from years of struggling with my identity.  The viewer is free to navigate and explore each successive environment, being drawn further into my psyche.  This multi-media display creates an immersive experience to the viewers that includes interaction with 3D sculptures in the virtual space along with responsive sound and motion triggers by the viewer’s position.

Recently I found myself desiring to create figurative works from life models.  By observing from nature I came to appreciate the beauty of the human form.   Looking forward, I want to create art that utilizes the latest technology with contemporary conceptual interpretation.  Art to me is a process and a reflection of my being.  I hope to inspire others and encourage viewers to examine their own life journey.